i saw my shadow

“It is the paradox of human existence that man must simultaneously seek for closeness and for independence; for oneness with others and at the same time for the preservation of his uniqueness and particularity. …the answer to this paradox – and to the moral problems of man – is productiveness.” – Erich Fromm






_MG_9657.2at KONTAKT#1

Glashaus, BERLIN


– the making of –



and the result in motion



danube delta – the road of the gipsy flowing to the colors of music



Soundwalk Collective presents ‘Sons of the Wind’ – recordings of the gypsies from Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, 2013.

a film by Stephan Crasneanski.
director of photography : Dasha Redkina
edited by Teresa Pereira
text by Virginie Luc
Music written, composed and produced by Soundwalk Collective

S M E L L SScreen shot 2013-03-23 at 12.45.13 AM

L I K Emy tits ur butts





abc berlin 2012

lara3abs berlin

documenting : soundwalk for berghain


Soundwalk collective : VIBRATIONS & RESONANCES of Berghain, Berlin.

“Last Beat” is a sound project that resonates the architecture of the legendary Berlin club Berghain, playing the material structure of the building as a musical instrument. Tuning resonant frequencies to excite the architectural surfaces of the club, the Soundwalk Collective arranges and processes a live feedback loop produced by pulses and tones played through the sound system and into the walls of the building. Captured with contact microphones in real-time, the rhythmic and resonant properties of metal and glass create a call-and-response with the building.”




in a garden of death

where greatest minds have become ghosts

but their genius stays to inspire all souls 

cemeterie Montmartre 4.10.2012

similarity       :      polarity

reflection of identity?



conceived twinsical as ONE

thus spoke Zarathustra of the three Evil things

1.sensual pleasures: the great symbolic happiness of a higher happiness and highest hope, the earth’s garden-joy, an overflowing of thanks to the present from all the future.  2. lust for power: the fearsome teacher of the great contempt, the dark flame of living bonfires, which rides upon every horse and every pride. the flashing question-mark beside premature answers.  3. the selfishness: for such is the nature of cowardly souls!


arms stretched

backs scratched

past midnight

leave with sunrise

locking doors naked


at least –

you brought some water,

at most –

you left your gum on my bedside table,

as a monument of your sexuality


but the material is too primitive,

so it will go in the trash immediately


and after an unknown interval

we resume the pretentious physical

with given terms to be secretive

interaction non obtrusive


weavin’in manali _ the fashion of the woolen blanket

Old Manali village people on a festive full moon ritual. Himachal Pradesh. India.

dying before flying

it takes two to make a thing go right

a performance in 3 acts which tests your mutual understanding of pairing.  didn’t we say it takes two to make a thing go right. . ?

this non-defensive message of our distorted sentiment will unfold silently.  and in the dark.

with only a mere suggestion of light hanging on a string by my side,  which invites you to interact.


april’s deFence


gogol’s bedroom


soft suprematism

. . .

mediums: analog black n white

print size: 60×90 – at

Exhibited at Plunk, Moscow 21.04.2012



hold on


















i’ve found another way to let you go [away]. Hold on – you’ve found another way to bleed my soul_[away].

you keep ur distance. i cant deny you. i got the feeling, cant satisfy you. I got your picture on the wall.

you keep your wishes. i keep my feelings.


inclined towards solitude i shall point our secrets upwards and make a visionary reminiscence of what better disperse in the lightness of altocumulus clouds

l i n e  c o l o u r  s h a p e  t e x t u r e

introduction to our collaboration

“for a nation to grow in fulfillment there must be culture. culture is relationship of one person towards the other. and this relationship is developed through art.”

– Boris Pokrovsky (1912 – 2009) , the stage director of Bolshoi Theatre (1943-1982) and founder of Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre


Materials:  white clay,  pine tree parts,  knitting yarn.

Studying polarities of  texture / character / emotions.

wings of impermanence

The privilege is on the tip of your wings. You aim higher, beyond where destruction has invaded. Layer by layer you try to go further and overcome the change that’s out of your control. But for you there are no borders, no laws, no politics. Just nature and love for one another, values of staying together, sharing the atmosphere, moving forward. Looking down on the human race , jailed in its ego and prejudice, stuck in its limits and standards of shallowness…

Let them look up to you and wonder…

how must it feel to have wings?

to never look back?  to accept the impermanence of things?

…let it become the natural unconscious or the aknowledged  fact.

let it be sincere, without any mask

wish them to believe that the soil is still fertile

the clouds still pure and that any transition helps to create something new.

dont let the time just carry you.

welcome to 2012

ornamental talent of nature . 12/12


p a s s i n g  b y


My Kingdom of Queens




Trick me into Treating you right

                                                                                                                          at Arma (seventeen) mad moscow halloween 



s u m m e r ‘ s  l e f t o v e r s   i s  w h a t   m a t t e r s  w h e n   S e p t e m b e r   b r i n g s   so  m a n y   C h a n g e s

i win . . .                                                                                                          


. . .

at first it seemed to pollute the view as u glanced above.

dozens of black lines splitting the sky.

 after some time i neglected paying attention.. .

but the camera would wonder at all angles anyway, as it does.

and my perception crossed the threshold of ugly –

– to beautiful,  and developed an interest.

 unique forms stretched above you,

different geometric structures.

 inspiring organised chaos

drawing linear shapes that communicate and connect. 


 such creation manifested within an organic setting.
see video for more:

McCann re’designed.

This technique has remained equally useful in a more commercial applications. Redesigning McCann Erickson Moscow, i have decided to implement bright linear patterns and wrap colour around structures. Complimentary to photography.

All photography & concept Dasha Redkina.

Materials: Knitting yarn, laminated print [mounted on 5mm bord].

Printed at  _

Visit : McCann Erickson Moscow, Bolshoi Karetni 11. +7 495 933 05 00

L I N K E D                           T O     Y O U R                                H E A R T 

tanzi shmanzi

k i s s i n g   y o u r   s t i c k y   w i n g s   o n   t h e   d a n c e f l o o r

w e   s t i l l   h a v e   o u r    f e e t   t o   m o v e   u s   t o   t h e   g r o o v e

pădurea de aur […the making of…]






Seeding your belief into the soil, obscurely raw and humid. Aware of depths, aspiring beyond the surface and towards the golden dust, in control of its gravity. Without distinctive end or a beginning,in cycles of nocturnal flowing into morning dawn. Transcending shadows through your stillness, illuminating your most precious gift – the one that hides within you and which helps you shift.



[or how we deceived gravity]

your skin is mine



like dust on vertical surfaces


in control of its lightness,

no gravity.


tight strings in parallel lines

measured axis of notes

wordless songs,

held amongst us in patterns of gratitude.


uncontrollable dreams

in perversion with alien flesh,

deep reflections of present and history

in my recycling trash.

leaving leafs

poco a poco vuelves loco

your mirror my reflection













i was looking

for my own reflection in your eyes

to see my inner self.

as u held that perfect mirror out in front of me,

i knew it was the right moment

to position mine too.


as we held our two mirrors in parallel

and sent one another reflections

which seemed to travel for eternity

at this certain perspective.

it opened such vast horizons,

it felt like they would multiply forever.


But the two mirrors wouldn’t stand still.

they are set in motion.   to grow . develop. and evolve.

and even if they evolve in parallel time, they will not necessarily

move with the same speed or the same direction.

then it occurs that you are no longer facing that second mirror.

the reflection has lost its continuum.

You have lost your reflection in the eyes of the other.

You must now reflect inward upon yourself.


[inspired by Maria Ionova-Gribina]


intermediate point

between memories and visions

between seasons

by our dear mediterranean waters.

beneath them , underneath them,

we wouldn’t miss a day


you liked to observe thru ur underwater optics

the way my body formed fluid geometrics

until we both got tired by the tidal motion

and spread our bodies on a rocky surface

beneath the scorching sun


Growth at a Threshold

As part of the exhibition “Botanists of the Asphalt [Part ll].

The appearance of the organic has always fascinated me more than man-made structures. The element of nature is far less obvious in the city among the overpowering domination of the human-built.  My attention is drawn to the detail of the organic fighting to survive amongst city’s chaos.     My personal lack of contact with nature whilst exposed to the city provokes me to explore the natural world, which does manifest within this overpopulated and polluted urbanism.   Therefore I often seek to capture natural elements, which remind me that I am a living being, not a mechanic of the metropolis.

Black and white [and shades of such] emphasize my frequent attitude towards the appearance of the city and harnesses attention to shapes and textures of the botanical. I observed how plants implement themselves between bricks and fences, how the rain deposits on surfaces as puddles, frost or condensation. At times watching foxes which mate restlessly and daily in my back garden and always impressed by the solitude of one lonesome swan I encounter on the canal so often – the urban views featuring hints of nature from part of my daily visual accounts.


Details from featuring cities:   Moscow, London, Bucharest.

Medium: analogue and digital . black and white.   Prints size: A3.

Exhibited at CAMP [City Arts and Music Project]. February 2010. London EC1.


heart’s torment

stuck in the moment.


impulsive words

that dont make sentences nor sense.


relentless distances

we wait for future tense.


hoping to connect both ends,

but struggling to untie the knots.


First we could blunt our spikes

Reject the self defense


creatures of the seaside

we nEEd wEEd

yes, indEED

lets FEED this nEEd !

Les triplettes de Moscu


in the corner by your bed

hangs a picture without frame

of the lips you like to kiss.


you wake up alone in bed,

there’s a lot of space around

for you to lay and toss about,

which you appreciate.


but those lips are not dimensional.


and the eyes aren’t even visible.


so you can never know the depths

cannot taste the salty tears.

just enjoy the glossy surface.

underexposed emotions at a distance.

urban m[ist/yth]

early december morning immersed in fog. city of london viewed through the front window of upper deck of bus nr.47   destination: somewhere south of river thames…