12days of desolation

you made an open portal

towards an endless cosmic space

where love had no limits,

no rules to the game you wanted to play.


in doubt, you still allowed the ball to roll

knocking down the pins she exposed in the horizon

but some remained standing strong

against your mental confusion.


what you must know – dog’s strong intuition,

they smell whats coming in the air

your weaknesses and your emotions

are obvious for my ignited canine flair .


your mental race was won by sharp impulsive thinking

fast decision came and gave your spirit an explosive

you dropped it on the surface

and the room went up in flames!


burning our world, knowing no grace,

and in regret you fell on your knees,

you cried like a child, hiding your face

sound of dozen voices attacking your ears.


and i came again like a dog , in devotion

i licked the wounds of your soul,

howling from the pain of betrayal

watching the fire burning a hole.


while she washed her body in cold water

to cool off this passionate illusion.

and what she didn’t know is that this flame

is like a feline man – so hard to tame.




2010 / 2011




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