wings of impermanence

The privilege is on the tip of your wings. You aim higher, beyond where destruction has invaded. Layer by layer you try to go further and overcome the change that’s out of your control. But for you there are no borders, no laws, no politics. Just nature and love for one another, values of staying together, sharing the atmosphere, moving forward. Looking down on the human race , jailed in its ego and prejudice, stuck in its limits and standards of shallowness…

Let them look up to you and wonder…

how must it feel to have wings?

to never look back?  to accept the impermanence of things?

…let it become the natural unconscious or the aknowledged  fact.

let it be sincere, without any mask

wish them to believe that the soil is still fertile

the clouds still pure and that any transition helps to create something new.

dont let the time just carry you.

welcome to 2012


One response

  1. words of wisdom, words for the heart

    August 28, 2012 at 05:14

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