Growth at a Threshold

As part of the exhibition “Botanists of the Asphalt [Part ll].

The appearance of the organic has always fascinated me more than man-made structures. The element of nature is far less obvious in the city among the overpowering domination of the human-built.  My attention is drawn to the detail of the organic fighting to survive amongst city’s chaos.     My personal lack of contact with nature whilst exposed to the city provokes me to explore the natural world, which does manifest within this overpopulated and polluted urbanism.   Therefore I often seek to capture natural elements, which remind me that I am a living being, not a mechanic of the metropolis.

Black and white [and shades of such] emphasize my frequent attitude towards the appearance of the city and harnesses attention to shapes and textures of the botanical. I observed how plants implement themselves between bricks and fences, how the rain deposits on surfaces as puddles, frost or condensation. At times watching foxes which mate restlessly and daily in my back garden and always impressed by the solitude of one lonesome swan I encounter on the canal so often – the urban views featuring hints of nature from part of my daily visual accounts.


Details from featuring cities:   Moscow, London, Bucharest.

Medium: analogue and digital . black and white.   Prints size: A3.

Exhibited at CAMP [City Arts and Music Project]. February 2010. London EC1.


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