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i saw my shadow

“It is the paradox of human existence that man must simultaneously seek for closeness and for independence; for oneness with others and at the same time for the preservation of his uniqueness and particularity. …the answer to this paradox – and to the moral problems of man – is productiveness.” – Erich Fromm






_MG_9657.2at KONTAKT#1

Glashaus, BERLIN


– the making of –



and the result in motion



the dangers of juicing / psychadelics in my system



danube delta – the road of the gipsy flowing to the colors of music



Soundwalk Collective presents ‘Sons of the Wind’ – recordings of the gypsies from Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, 2013.

a film by Stephan Crasneanski.
director of photography : Dasha Redkina
edited by Teresa Pereira
text by Virginie Luc
Music written, composed and produced by Soundwalk Collective

S M E L L SScreen shot 2013-03-23 at 12.45.13 AM

L I K Emy tits ur butts





abc berlin 2012

lara3abs berlin

documenting : soundwalk for berghain


Soundwalk collective : VIBRATIONS & RESONANCES of Berghain, Berlin.

“Last Beat” is a sound project that resonates the architecture of the legendary Berlin club Berghain, playing the material structure of the building as a musical instrument. Tuning resonant frequencies to excite the architectural surfaces of the club, the Soundwalk Collective arranges and processes a live feedback loop produced by pulses and tones played through the sound system and into the walls of the building. Captured with contact microphones in real-time, the rhythmic and resonant properties of metal and glass create a call-and-response with the building.”




in a garden of death

where greatest minds have become ghosts

but their genius stays to inspire all souls 

cemeterie Montmartre 4.10.2012

similarity       :      polarity

reflection of identity?



conceived twinsical as ONE

thus spoke Zarathustra of the three Evil things

1.sensual pleasures: the great symbolic happiness of a higher happiness and highest hope, the earth’s garden-joy, an overflowing of thanks to the present from all the future.  2. lust for power: the fearsome teacher of the great contempt, the dark flame of living bonfires, which rides upon every horse and every pride. the flashing question-mark beside premature answers.  3. the selfishness: for such is the nature of cowardly souls!


arms stretched

backs scratched

past midnight

leave with sunrise

locking doors naked


at least –

you brought some water,

at most –

you left your gum on my bedside table,

as a monument of your sexuality


but the material is too primitive,

so it will go in the trash immediately


and after an unknown interval

we resume the pretentious physical

with given terms to be secretive

interaction non obtrusive


weavin’in manali _ the fashion of the woolen blanket

Old Manali village people on a festive full moon ritual. Himachal Pradesh. India.

dying before flying

it takes two to make a thing go right

a performance in 3 acts which tests your mutual understanding of pairing.  didn’t we say it takes two to make a thing go right. . ?

this non-defensive message of our distorted sentiment will unfold silently.  and in the dark.

with only a mere suggestion of light hanging on a string by my side,  which invites you to interact.


april’s deFence


gogol’s bedroom


soft suprematism

. . .

mediums: analog black n white

print size: 60×90 – at

Exhibited at Plunk, Moscow 21.04.2012



hold on


















i’ve found another way to let you go [away]. Hold on – you’ve found another way to bleed my soul_[away].

you keep ur distance. i cant deny you. i got the feeling, cant satisfy you. I got your picture on the wall.

you keep your wishes. i keep my feelings.


inclined towards solitude i shall point our secrets upwards and make a visionary reminiscence of what better disperse in the lightness of altocumulus clouds

“The allocated function of art is not, as is often assumed, to put across ideas, to propagate thoughts, to serve as example. The aim of art is to prepare a person for death, to plough and harrow his soul, rendering it capable of turning to good”

– Andrei Tarkovsky , “Sculpting in Time”

…tribute to THE ZONE _Stalker 1979

l i n e  c o l o u r  s h a p e  t e x t u r e

introduction to our collaboration

“for a nation to grow in fulfillment there must be culture. culture is relationship of one person towards the other. and this relationship is developed through art.”

– Boris Pokrovsky (1912 – 2009) , the stage director of Bolshoi Theatre (1943-1982) and founder of Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre


Materials:  white clay,  pine tree parts,  knitting yarn.

Studying polarities of  texture / character / emotions.

wings of impermanence

The privilege is on the tip of your wings. You aim higher, beyond where destruction has invaded. Layer by layer you try to go further and overcome the change that’s out of your control. But for you there are no borders, no laws, no politics. Just nature and love for one another, values of staying together, sharing the atmosphere, moving forward. Looking down on the human race , jailed in its ego and prejudice, stuck in its limits and standards of shallowness…

Let them look up to you and wonder…

how must it feel to have wings?

to never look back?  to accept the impermanence of things?

…let it become the natural unconscious or the aknowledged  fact.

let it be sincere, without any mask

wish them to believe that the soil is still fertile

the clouds still pure and that any transition helps to create something new.

dont let the time just carry you.

welcome to 2012