your mirror my reflection













i was looking

for my own reflection in your eyes

to see my inner self.

as u held that perfect mirror out in front of me,

i knew it was the right moment

to position mine too.


as we held our two mirrors in parallel

and sent one another reflections

which seemed to travel for eternity

at this certain perspective.

it opened such vast horizons,

it felt like they would multiply forever.


But the two mirrors wouldn’t stand still.

they are set in motion.   to grow . develop. and evolve.

and even if they evolve in parallel time, they will not necessarily

move with the same speed or the same direction.

then it occurs that you are no longer facing that second mirror.

the reflection has lost its continuum.

You have lost your reflection in the eyes of the other.

You must now reflect inward upon yourself.


[inspired by Maria Ionova-Gribina]



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